Fan of Gusttavo Lima pulls into an ambulance after the singer twists a bottle of booze in his mouth at a show

Video went viral on social media and amused followers: ‘It must be burning inside now’

Play/Instagram/janaivandresenGusttavo Lima called a fan on stage and put a bottle of alcohol in his mouth

A fan of the singer Gustavo Lima His dream of getting on stage and interacting with the artist came true, but his night didn’t end as expected. Mauro Lucini felt ill and had to be helped by a ambulance, that’s because he made the sertanejo drink a bottle of liquor in his mouth twice. O show happened this weekend in Paraná. “In the mouth of the bottle, prepare your heart, strengthen your foot. Open your mouth, honey,” Gustavo said before turning the bottle over. After the audience counted to 10, the singer asked the fan, “Do you want some more?”. Mauro answered yes and a new count began. Afterwards the ambassador said: “Enough, that’s enough for me. In five minutes it is already good to pull teeth. You can start that you are already numb”. The audience erupted in laughter.

Janaina, Mauro’s wife, captured the moment and posted it on social media. She was also the one who made the video of her husband feeling sick and being rescued. “If [o Gusttavo Lima] If he had called me, it wouldn’t have been like this… but it was his dream, right (laughs),” Janaina wrote in a video in which her husband appears on a stretcher. Mauro took the situation as a joke and thanked the singer for his Instagram stories: “Thank you, Gusttavo Lima, for giving me an unforgettable moment”. Janaina’s videos went viral on social networks and the case amused followers. “if posted [no Instagram] it’s because he’s alive (laughs),” said one follower. “At least PT drank Gusttavo Lima’s cachaça, it wasn’t just something small (laughs),” wrote another. “It must be burning inside right now,” joked another.

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