Fan-favorite Netflix series won’t leave Streamer after last-minute deal

In October, Netflix announced that the very first original series, Lilyhammer, would leave the streaming platform in December when the 10-year licensing deal to stream the series in the US expired. Now it looks like the fan-favorite series is staying put. According to IndieWireNetflix has struck a last-minute deal to keep Lilyhammer on the streaming platform, with all 24 episodes remaining available to subscribers.

“I am very proud that ‘Lilyhammer’ is not only the first original show on Netflix, but the first truly international show, with subtitles and an all-Norwegian cast and crew other than me, helping to establish Netflix as the first truly international entertainment company,” star Steven Van Zandt said in a statement announcing the news.

Lilyhammer starred Van Zandt as a former New York mobster named Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, who had moved to Lillehammer, Norway to start a new life. The series is considered to be Netflix’s first original series, although it was technically a licensed show that just aired on Norwegian TV NRK just 12 days before Netflix licensed it. The series ran for three seasons between 2012 and 2014.

“Looking back, Lilyhammer may have been an unorthodox choice for our first show. But it worked because it was a deeply local story that we could share with the world,” Netflix chief Ted Sarandos wrote in a blog post. “The jokes and references worked locally, and the more universal themes of the shows came across perfectly. Thank you Lilyhammer and Stevie Van Zandt for starting this incredible ten-year journey. It’s always hard to predict what’s going to happen in the next ten years happen, but one thing is for sure: we will have many more great stories from anywhere that can be loved everywhere.”

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