Fan explains after receiving pix from Pocah to buy gas and get tickets to Ludmilla’s concert

The singer thought she had been ‘cheated’ and the young man suffered several attacks on social media

Pocah snapped a photo for a fan asking for money to buy a gas bottle

a fan of the singer pokah the artist asked on social media for money to buy a gas bottle. “Pocah, will you buy me some gas? It’s 130 reais here in Queimados, RJ,” he wrote on Twitter. The artist made the transfer and posted a printout of the receipt. The problem was that the boy was responding to a message from . shortly before ludmilla said he bought a ticket to his show, which became a topic on social media because fans thought the values ​​were too high. “O Numanicity It’s a really shitty experience. The open bar has the best drinks, hundreds of guards, fuck structure, activations throughout the event and I’ll be singing for hours. Anyone who thinks it’s too expensive, there’s an action going on,” the singer wrote. Pocah’s fan replied: “Wife I already bought mine my first Numanice after seeing them all on TV. ludmilla, Come on, I’m done.”

The comment did not go unnoticed and many followers began to say that the young man used the gas money to buy the ticket to the Numanice. “Does the boy have money to buy concert tickets and not to buy gas? The bill does not match,” commented one person. “I’ve been scammed,” Pocah replied with a clown emoji. With the ramifications of the case, the fan spoke out, saying that he took the ticket printout on a friend’s status: “I want to know how I bought the ticket for the fake print, if the photo I sent to Ludmilla sent was at 1 pm and Pocah did the photo for me at 2 pm,” he posted on Twitter. “If Pocah wants the money, I’ll gladly give it back.” The former participant of “BBB21” asked people to empathize with the fan, as he had already explained that it was all a mess: “The pix boy clarified everything! He responded to Lud with a printout of someone else who had bought Numanice tickets. He really needed the gas money. Don’t attack him. Everything is alright”.

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