Families of Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Criticize Evan Peters’ Netflix Series Awards Win

Evan Peters won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer in Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix. Now some of the victims’ families spoke about his victory and the speech he gave on the podium. At the awards ceremony, Peters openly hoped that something good would come from the increased visibility this series gave the cases. However, Tony Hughes’ mother, Shirley, told TMZ there were other ways to deliver that speech. In fact, she would have liked to see the actor pay tribute to the victims or call out Hollywood for continuing to glorify these kinds of murders. Neither has transpired and Netflix has already renewed the series following the wild streaming numbers. However, many fans watching at home also agreed with her sentiments. Read what she had to say here.

“Evan should have used his acceptance speech to name the families that still suffer from Dahmer’s crimes, or to say Hollywood should end telling stories about killers and glorifying them,” Hughes said. “There are a lot of sick people around the world, and people winning acting roles playing killers keep the obsession going and this makes sick people thrive on the fame… It’s a shame that people can take our tragedy and can make money. The victims have never seen a penny. We experience these emotions every day.”

Netflix is ​​taking steps to make more Dahmer

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix is ​​pushing for more of the Ryan Murphy series. Two more seasons are on the way from creator and his collaborator Ian Brennan. Apparently the show will now focus on other people who had a high profile but were monsters in their own right. Netflix points to the 924 million watched hours when it comes to their decision. It was the second most popular English TV series on Netflix last year. None of those impressive statistics will be any comfort to the families of those who perished. Here’s how a company executive approached the extension.

“Audiences can’t take their eyes off Monster and The Watcher. The creative team of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan on Monster along with Eric Newman on The Watcher are masterful storytellers who have captivated audiences around the world,” Bela Bajaria, Head of Global TV, Netflix said. “The back-to-back strength of these two series is due to Ryan’s distinctly original voice that sparked cultural sensations and we’re excited to continue storytelling in the Monster and Watcher universes.”

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