Fabio Porchat announces the end of his marriage to Nataly Mega: ‘You deserve the world’

The comedian hinted that the decision to have children was a determining factor for the divorce

Play/instagram @fabioporchatFabio and Nataly were together for eight years, five of which were married.

The comedian’s marriage is on the rocks Fabio Porchat and film production Natalie Mega, after five years (eight of the relationship). The announcement was made by Fabio on his official Instagram account. According to the comedian, the two wanted different things and decided to end the relationship, even though they still had love. “For a loving relationship to be good, it doesn’t have to be forever. She must be real. We have had eight wonderful years together. We only have good memories and a very strong feeling for each other. The love didn’t end, but the roads took different directions. Son is a very serious matter and an immutable decision. And at that point, we all go to one side,” Porchat wrote. In the text, he even said that he would do the reveal after the carnival, but he continued after rumors appeared in the media. “We will continue together, also separately. It’s been very difficult since November when we started making decisions. We’d wait until after Carnival to speak publicly, but such is life. I love you Natalie. Infinity! You deserve the world. And beautiful children.” The two are working on a movie called ‘Raspberry’, with Nataly in the production and the actor in the lead role.

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