“Every couple fights,” says Thomaz Costa after Tati Zaqui is given medication at the hospital

Actor, who recently tattooed his girlfriend’s face on his arm, decided to speak out after posting posts in which she appears to be taking serum and talking about the relationship

Reproduction/Instagram/thocostaofficial/tatizaquiThomaz Costa said that things were not going well for Tati Zaqui because she traveled without him

The actor Thomas Costa manifested this Monday, 6, after his girlfriend, the singer Tati Zaqui, reveals on social networks that he ended up in the hospital after relationship problems. “My emotional attacks attack my stomach and cause gastritis! I vomit and can’t eat anything. I’ve done these four shows without being able to feed myself… only liquids, that’s why I’m here [tomando soro], To replace! I feel better already, don’t worry,” the artist posted last Sunday evening 5. This morning she posted a new post that read: “Good morning with about 4 kilos less! Men are like that, suck us in and then we’re called victims, lunatics, liars. I was not born to be shaped by anyone, hypocrisy has no place in my life! May he recant with you when he wakes up! Shut up, I’m not staying anymore”. What caught the attention of followers is that the couple seemed to be on a good phase, given that last Friday the 3rd Thomaz made a post showing that he had Tati’s face on his arm had tattooed.

The couple got closer during the reality showThe farm 14and signed off on the relationship after both left incarceration. With the backlash of the singer’s posts, Daniel’s interpreter said in “Carrossel” that his girlfriend was not doing well because she had to travel to do shows without him. “It’s the first time Tati traveled and I stayed, the first time we stayed away. This will affect both of us.” Thomas added that he has been participating in a motivational course since Thursday the 2nd and that the posts he posted about “victimization” are a reflection of what he was learning. “Every couple fights, every couple argues. Like I said, it was her first time performing and I stayed. I couldn’t be on the phone all the time because the course is all day, from early morning to early morning. Then, of course, disagreements arise. I want to see a couple that doesn’t fight, I’m going to give an award,” he concluded.

Stories by Tati Zaqui

Tati Zaqui shared with her followers that she was in hospital – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/tatizaqui

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