Euphoria star arrested for stealing $28 of clothing

Chloe Cherryin euphoriawas involved in a shoplifting at a department store in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for stealing an item of clothing.

According to information from the Page sixthe actress who plays Faye in the HBO series has stolen a blouse worth 28 dollars (about 141 reais). The allegation came on December 27 from an employee of the Moda Internacional store in the Building Character mall.

The store presented a video that served as proof that the actress had taken the blouse without paying. The images show how the blonde leaves the fitting area without her blouse in her hands and without leaving it behind.

The complaint states that Chloe paid for some items with her credit card but did not buy the shirt. After authorities arrived on the scene, the actress returned the piece and admitted to stealing it, according to reports.

Finally, the story ended with a felony being recorded on Chloe’s criminal record in the month of January. The actress also received a subpoena a preliminary hearing on the matter on March 1.

Chloe Cherry (Play/Instagram)

Reached for comment, the actress’ reps vehemently denied the theft, saying it was all just a misunderstanding. They also accused the store of promoting itself based on the artist’s fame:

“In December there was a misunderstanding about a shirt that was not correctly charged to my customer’s credit card. She by no means “admitted” that she had taken the blouse, because she hadn’t. This story seems to be more about a local store using a celebrity’s name than anything else.

Actress of euphoria has already done porn and says “I’ve never been so respected”

Chloe is used to being judged and disrespected, and has previously revealed that she was sexually assaulted in pre-acting jobs. Interestingly, according to her, the place she was most respected was in the porn industry:

“In porn, there is no one registered as a sex offender. In porn it goes like this: you walk in and ‘OK, this is what I’m going to do today’. There’s no such thing as you being there and a random guy coming out of nowhere and trying to touch you.

Chloe Cherry as Faye in Euphoria (play)

euphoria drew a younger audience to its cable channel for the first time in HBO history. The attraction was awesome as soon as it debuted on Premium TV in 2019 and later on the streaming platform, which launched a year later. The series was nominated for several awards, including the television Oscar, the emmie.

The first two seasons and two special episodes of the show can be viewed HBO max. The new season has not yet been officially confirmed.

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