Erasmo Carlos vigil will be closed to family and close friends

The singer-songwriter team has not revealed a date, time and location

VINICIUS MORAES/PHOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTENTSTremendão died this Tuesday, 22, at the age of 81 in Rio de Janeiro

Funeral of singer-songwriters Erasmo Carlos will be closed to family and close friends. The information comes from the artist’s team. However, date and time are not yet known. “Whoever wants to honor him, listen to his songs, his messages. Nothing would make you happier and more loved.” Tremendão, as he was also known, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 22 at the age of 81 Rio de Janeiro🇧🇷 The singer had been in serious condition in the hospital of Hospital Barra D’or, in Barra da Tijuca, since November 2 and was intubated this morning. According to the hospital, Erasmo had “panniculitis complicated by sepsis of cutaneous origin,” he said. Before being hospitalized, the composer was discharged on the same day he was re-admitted to the health ward after being hospitalized for more than 15 days with a photo of edemigenic syndrome (excess fluid trapped in body tissues). On the occasion, Erasmo celebrated his recovery and even joked with false information about his death. “Very symbolic… After I was killed on the 30th, I was resurrected on All Souls’ Day and released from the hospital! Thanks to God, to everyone who took care of me, prayed for me and cheered for my recovery,” he wrote at the time. After the rumors of his death, the singer came to position himself, saying that he was “very much alive” and that he “would not die this year”.

During the last hospitalization, the musician even postponed shows he was supposed to do in Orlando and Miami. According to the press service, Erasmo was doing well, despite his hospitalization, and was eager to resume his shows. In August 2021, Erasmo Carlos was also hospitalized, this time eight days for an infection of COVID-19🇧🇷 Considered one of the pioneers of national rock and Jovem Guarda, Erasmo completed 64 years of career in 2022 and achieved several successes during this period and was one of the great partners of Roberto Carlos, with whom he cherished a great friendship. In total, the singer has more than 600 songs to his name. Five days before his death, Erasmo Carlos won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock or Alternative Music Album in the Portuguese Language for the album “O Futuro Pertence À… Jovem Guarda”. In his latest post on Instagram, the singer celebrated the achievement. “It’s just as important to understand the concept as it is to hear the music… There are many forms of love, and I need them all. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this victory, this Grammy is the recognition of our work,” said the composer.

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