Epic Games Store is reportedly bringing back one of its best deals soon

The Epic Games Store routinely offers its users free games every week, but throughout the year there’s one deal in particular to look out for: the free games given away around the holiday season. Those include a free game every day instead of every week where the event lasts for a certain amount of time, usually about a month. And based on recent reports, it looks like the event will be back again this year as well.

News of this Epic Games Store recurring holiday event comes from Dealabs user billbil kun who responded to someone’s comment in a post about free Epic Games Store games. The thread was about giving away the Epic Games Store Star Wars: Squadrons free, but someone else asked about the “advent calendar” event, as some have called it. Dealabs user billbil kun who has shared accurate information about leaked deals and such in the past said that the Epic Games Store event will indeed be back this year and will presumably start sometime between December 15 and January 10.

Since this deal consists of weeks of free games being given away every day, there are bound to be some that don’t interest people, so there are occasional complaints about what’s being given away. However, it’s hard to justify this kind of complaint when games are given away weekly and even harder to do when games are given away for free daily during the holiday season. Last year’s included things like Tomb Raider games, Salt and sanctuary, Control, prey, and more, so they feature a decent mix of genres and interests for players to peruse. The only catch is that they’re only free for a short while and usually aren’t announced until the day they become available, unless someone leaks the full list ahead of schedule, so you’ll need to be quick. them.

Epic Games should formally announce plans for this holiday event in the future to establish exact dates. For now, Epic Games Store users can still get it Star Wars: Squadrons free until December 1.

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