Ending the two-decade debate, James Cameron says Jack could have survived ‘Titanic’; to understand

Specifically, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the classic, the director said Leonardo DiCaprio’s character could have climbed onto the piece of wood after the ship sank.

Play/Instagram @theacademyBehind-the-scenes photo shows James Cameron (left) talking to DiCaprio and Winslet during the shooting of the scene

The director James Cameron stated that the character Jack was alive Leonardo DiCaprio at the classic”Titanic“, could have climbed next to Rose, played by Kate Winslet. In a special for the 25th anniversary of the film’s release, the filmmaker did a test with a group of researchers and two stuntmen, revisiting the iconic scene and test scenarios where the pair share the piece of wood in the plot. In some scenarios, they would both die from coming into contact with the water, while in a specific situation, when Rose gives him her vest, the two could survive for a while until the rescue arrives. “Maybe Jack would survive, but there are too many variables. I think the “I’m not going to do anything” thought process puts her in danger. And that’s 100% character,” Cameron said. In the original scene, Kate stands on a piece of door after the ship sinks as Jack leans on the edge, his body in the water, freezing to death. Since the film’s release fans have discussed the character’s action, saying that the two could have survived the accident if Rose had allowed her companion to climb the forest.

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