Endgame moment, and closed a story of 30 years

Spoilers follow! The latest episode of Chuckieseason two episode 7 was actually the Avengers: Endgame of the entire franchise, bringing together all the dangling plot threads and characters that have survived the killer doll’s reign of terror over the last three decades. As fans who watch the series know, several familiar faces have appeared on the show, including Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay of Child’s play 1Christine Elise as Kyle from Child’s play 2plus Fiona Dourif van Curse/cult of Chucky. Take all that, add in the new characters from the TV series’ first two seasons, plus Lachlan Watson as Chucky’s kids Glen/Glenda, and you’ve got a stacked roster of horror survivors; and this week they finally all shared a scene.

The Catholic School of the Incarnate Lord was the main setting for season two of the series, and all other plot points converged there in Chucky episode 2.07. Jake, Devon and Lexy along with Good Chucky are a part of Chucky’s “Avengers” moment, as Good Chucky is the last Good Guy Doll and intended as a vessel for “Chucky Prime”, the body-sharing version of Brad Dourif’s serial killer with Fiona’s Nice Pierce. On the other hand, you also have Andy, who survived the explosive truck accident in the first episode, and Kyle, who took Glenda and Nica to Chucky’s old stomping grounds.

The episode is structured around each of the character’s confessions prior to Good Chucky’s exorcism, giving viewers a unique insight into each of them while also giving each of them plenty of time to interact. Andy and Christine are reunited for the first time since season one, and Andy finally gets a chance to meet Nica for the first time ever. All that combined with the presence of Glenda and the fact that “Chucky Prime” (aka the very first, original Charles Lee Ray) is being put back into a good guy doll.

All of these franchise characters sharing a scene together is one thing fans can enjoy, but the ending of the episode, seemingly implying that Andy and Kyle’s story has finally come to an end, makes it all that much sweeter. After Chucky Prime is put back into the Good Guy Doll, Dr. Mixter off with him, leading Andy to chase them and eventually fire a gun at Chucky, killing him.

The nightmare seems over, finally over, as Andy and Kyle talk briefly about their future and the future of the children ahead of them. “I haven’t thought about my future since first grade,” says Andy. “Lucky for you, you have the rest of your life to figure it out,” Kyle replies. As the pair leave Incarnate Lord, the series flashes back to the end of Child’s play 2, as young Andy and Kyle leave the Good Guy Doll factory together. “Where are we going?” says the young character. “Andy, I have no idea,” she replies. Their story is finally complete and seemingly complete.

That is until we see the last scene of the episode, with Dr. Mixter driving off in her car. We first flash to her confession with Devon Sawa’s Father Bryce where she promises to “Unleash Chucky on the world all over again”, only to return to her back in the car when she laughs a very familiar laugh…

Where can you watch Chucky season 2?

Currently the only way is to watch the new episodes of Chuckie season 2 is with a cable subscription, the series airs new episodes on USA Network and SYFY on Wednesdays at 9pm ET. However, after the show’s first season premiered, it quickly made its way to the Peacock streaming service, where it still is today. Chuckie Season 2 could very well take the same step after it wraps up its new episodes, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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