Elon Musk’s Twitter brings in well-known PS3 hacker

Elon Musk has recruited George Hotz to serve as a Twitter intern for the next three months. Hotz made a name for himself over a decade ago when he hacked into a PlayStation 3 and published exploit information. That led to a lawsuit from Sony, but the two parties settled when Hotz agreed to stop further. Today, Hotz is a software engineer working on vehicle automation, but he recently took an unpaid internship at Twitter. Earlier this month, Hotz slammed employees who refused to sign Elon’s “extremely hardcore” statement for Twitter 2.0. stating that he would work 12 unpaid weeks in exchange for living expenses in San Francisco.

Musk publicly accepted the offer, and Hotz is apparently working on two projects for the company: fixing Twitter’s search feature and “trying to get rid of the unremovable login popup after scrolling a bit.” It remains to be seen how this will all turn out, but Hotz has already received some criticism on Twitter for attempting to crowdsource the work of other users. Whether he will succeed during his time with the company remains to be seen.

It’s been a mess on Twitter since Musk took over the company. The CEO spent $44 billion to buy Twitter and has come across as desperate to recoup his investment. The social media platform has seen massive layoffs and a proposed Twitter Blue change that would allow verified users to impersonate businesses. Those impersonators have led several advertisers to leave Twitter and have an overall lack of confidence in the company’s current course. Reports from last week suggested that some of the remaining employees are concerned that Twitter would eventually shut down completely.

In addition to all this, many Twitter users have considered moving to competing social media platforms such as Mastodon and Hive. Musk could certainly use a win right now, and if Hotz can fix some of Twitter’s problems, that could be some help.

Do you think Hotz can fix Twitter’s search feature? Do you think the platform will survive these problems? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter and on Hive at @Marcdachamp to talk about all things gaming!

[H/T: Kotaku]

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