Eliezer explains why he refuses to put his last name on his daughter with Viih Tube

Former BBB emphasized that this was a decision that came from him: ‘Viih even insisted that I say so’

Play/Instagram/eliezerThe daughter of Viih Tube and Eliezer will be called Lua Di Felice

The ex BBB Eliezer explained this Tuesday, the 7th, why he does not want to put his last name on the daughter he is expecting with the influencer and also a former BBB VII tube. “Guys, I saw you asking a lot of questions about not putting my last name on the moon, but rest in peace, this was a decision that came from me. Viih even insisted that I put it on,” Eli said in his Instagram stories. According to the first father, his last name would affect the beauty of his daughter’s full name. “Her name will be Lua Di Felice which means Moon of Happiness, my last name would ‘cut’ in the middle and at the end ‘of happiness or di felice’ would become supportive as the line is always [usar] the first and last name. And that’s it,” emphasized the former participant of “BB 22”. “For me the name is beautiful and strong as it is and I’m completely detached from ‘ahh, but it doesn’t have my name’.” The designer and entrepreneur is called Eliezer do Carmo Neto. The relationship with Viih, who took part in the “BB21was made official last August when Eli proposed to her. The couple announced their pregnancy in September. Still in her belly, Lua already has an Instagram profile with over 1.2 million followers.

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Eliezer explained his decision in Instagram stories – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/eliezer

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