Eliezer explains rare heart condition diagnosis: ‘I thought it was gas’

Viih Tube’s Boyfriend Spoke Discovered A Disease Called Pericarditis And Explained What It Means

Reproduction/Instagram/elizerEliezer said he had pericarditis

The ex-BBB Eliezer decided to explain in detail about the rare condition he discovered in the heart. This Monday, the 14th, the businessman posted videos on Instagram stories in which he said he decided to clear things up, as he saw on social media many people who associate his health problem with the fourth dose of the vaccine against the virus. COVID-19, which he hasn’t even taken yet, and with the cosmetic procedures he’s undergone in recent months. “I’ve only had surgery once in my life, which was my rhinoplasty, but it has nothing to do with that,” her boyfriend said. HIV tube, who were diagnosed with pericarditis. The symptoms appeared about 10 days ago when Eliezer was in New York. He began to feel “a very strong pain” between his chest and shoulder. “Since I sleep with my head on my arm, I thought it was bad manners. The pain got worse when I came to Brazil, I even thought it was gas, I took medicine and it didn’t get better,” he said.

The pain became so severe that Eliezer began to feel short of breath. “It was an absurd pain, I couldn’t sleep. When I lay down, it got worse.” The businessman decided to go to the hospital and underwent a series of tests. “It came to the diagnosis of pericarditis🇧🇷 Which one is? It’s the inflammation of a membrane that surrounds the heart, our heart has a kind of wall around it,” he said. According to ex-BBB, he caught a virus and his body for some reason understood that this virus was the membrane that surrounds the heart and started attacking it, causing inflammation. “It’s a rare condition, but once you get it, it can become chronic and that’s dangerous,” Eliezer warned. “My medication is to deflate the membrane, to take my pain away and so it doesn’t become chronic. I need to rest and the heart cannot accelerate too much.”

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