Elden Ring players warned about hackers ruining people’s rescues

Elden Ring has another Dark Souls problem as players attempt to ruin the save files and progress of others who unknowingly participate in banable offenses. The offense in question is possession of an item players are not supposed to possess, items given to unwitting players by hackers who obtained the loot through questionable ones. This could inadvertently lead to players being banned in Elden Ring, so players are warned not to accept unknown gear from multiplayer participants.

This problem is not unique to Elden Ring anyway. It’s been around for a while in the Dark Souls games with PvP partners or opponents pretending to give players gifts by dropping equipment to the ground. While that’s not a bad thing if it’s something that’s actually meant to be used in the game, if it’s something that shouldn’t be available, FromSoftware has viewed it in the past as if the item’s new owner is the one who breaks the rules.

A case where this exact situation occurs in Elden Ring was recently discussed in the game’s subreddit when a player showed a photo of their character wearing a new headgear, given by someone they had met online. Elden Ring player PeatzzzZ said someone gave them the “Brave’s Cord Circlet”, which looks nice, but isn’t one of the items players can obtain naturally. The message “ERROR” in the second image is a pretty obvious giveaway of the illicit nature of the item.

While some joked in the comments that the item was cool enough to keep regardless of the danger, others warned the player and others not to accept “gifts” like these if they don’t know the player is giving them away. It was a thing in other FromSoftware games, players said, where PvPers tricked people into picking up limited loot.

Some suggested that removing problematic items like this from a player’s inventory would be enough to avoid bans, but to make sure you don’t end up in this situation, it’s best to follow the first advice not to give up. take all loot from other unknown players unless you are sure what they are giving you.

A similar situation arose earlier in the year when players found ways to equip “Deathbed Smalls” gear that was also unavailable.

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