Elden Ring anniversary event fuels hopes for DLC announcement

Elder ring players are inundated with DLC speculation this week thanks to Bandai Namco’s announcement of an anniversary event for the game. That anniversary comes on February 25th, exactly one year since the game originally released last year, though those hoping for a DLC announcement should temper their expectations as it seems far more likely that Bandai Namco and TikTok will make their revelations until another will have the opportunity. .

The anniversary event was confirmed on Twitter by one of Bandai Namco’s regional accounts and the event was scheduled to take place on February 25 in Stockholm. It will take place at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm and will be streamed live on Twitch with giveaways and more.

Looking at the replies and retweets to the tweet, it’s not hard to figure out where people’s thoughts went. “DLC” is the term that pops up quite often in all those interactions with people hoping again that this will be where we hear about some Elder ring DLC.

When will Elder ring DLC announced?

While it’s fun to imagine we’ll get a DLC reveal from this event, it seems unlikely. Firstly, there was no mention of any kind of announcement in the preview of this event, and one would imagine that if Bandai Namco were to reveal something, they would want as much attention as possible on it.

It’s also worth pointing out that this event was only announced by a regional Bandai Namco account and not the main account. So while the anniversary would be a good time to reveal some DLC, it’s unlikely to happen here specifically.

Rumors and leaks about Elden Ring DLC

The Colosseum Update Elder ring got last year gave players real taste of post-launch content for the first time, and since then the community has been asking for more and looking to every rumor and “leak” for guidance. There are some rumors that do indeed point to one Elder ring DLC – one of those rumors recently recirculated as older talk of a possible DLC resurfaced and got people excited for a “really big” DLC. However, neither Bandai Namco nor FromSoftware have announced anything at this time.

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