EA’s Iron Man video game appears to be in full development

Looks like Electronic Arts is coming Iron Man video game is now in full production. In the second half of 2022, EA and Marvel Games confirmed that a new game related to the Iron Man character was in the works at EA Motive. It was said that the project would be a single-player third-person title that would revolve around a new version of Tony Stark. And while details on this unnamed Iron Man game have been sparse until now, it sounds like Motive is now starting to work a lot harder on it.

Posted in a new message on Reddit recently, developers at EA Motive seemingly confirmed that Iron Man is now accelerating its development in the aftermath of Empty space be released. Motive was also the studio behind this recent remake of Empty spaceand while the company may do more with the horror franchise in the future, it seems that Iron Man development is now picking up.

“There are plenty of factors to consider at the studio and company level, but first the team will take a well-deserved vacation before we determine what’s next,” said Motive of the recent completion of Empty space. “We have a great team at Motive that got to work Iron Man and you can rest assured that it is in good hands!”

Even if Iron Man is now in full production at EA Motive, it seems likely the game won’t be released for another few years. Based on what has already been shared, Iron Man sounds like it’s still very, very early in development. This is most easily seen by the fact that the game still doesn’t have an official title. But if we’re lucky, we might get an official trailer for it Iron Man sometime in the coming months.

When do you think we’ll get our first comprehensive look at this upcoming Iron Man game from EA? And do you want to pick up this game when it sees the light of day? Let me know in the comments or give me a call on Twitter @MooreMan12.

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