Dungeons & Dragons reveals keys to the Golden Vault covers, details with little fanfare

Wizards of the Coast quietly posted the cover and product description for the upcoming one Dungeons and Dragons anthology without fanfare or promotional push. Yesterday Wizards of the Coast posted the main and alternate covers Keys from the golden vault, a forthcoming one Dungeons and Dragons anthology adventure coming out in February, to a retailer’s support page. While Dungeons and Dragons releases are usually accompanied by a major marketing push with writer interviews and interior art showcases, the Keys from the golden safe covers were released without any kind of media or social media warnings. You can see both the main cover and alternate cover available only in craft stores below. No artist credits were provided for either cover:


A description for Keys from the golden safe was also provided, providing a few new details about the contents of the anthology. The book contains 13 self-contained adventures designed for levels 1-11 characters, all of which focus on a single heist. The book also introduces the Golden Vault, a new organization that plans heists and hires player characters to act as agents. Each heist has multiple paths to success, and each adventure includes a map to help players plan their heists. The book will also contain “detailed information” for Dungeon Masters on how to perform high-risk, high-reward non-traditional adventures.

The muted rollout appears to be a sign of the lingering fallout from a disastrous rollout attempt of a new Open Gaming license, which provides the legal framework for making third-party content compatible with Dungeons and Dragons. The new Open Gaming license included some huge changes and restrictions, which sparked a popular uproar from third-party publishers and fans alike. While Wizards is now actively engaging with the D&D community in creating a new Open Gaming license, the brand is facing heightened attention and negative comments on almost every social media post it makes, especially as Wizards is on several key points doesn’t seem to budge. crucial to the community.

Keys from the golden safe comes out on February 21.

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