Dumbo and Cinderella Funko Pop Movie Posters Join the Disney 100 Collection

The Walt Disney Company turns 100 this year and a memorable milestone like this should be celebrated with merchandise. Disney started the process with their Disney100 collection, which includes apparel, accessories, and collectibles dripping with metallic, platinum style. Of course, they also teamed up with Funko for a collection of Disney100 Pop characters, which continues today with the debut of Pop Movie posters inspired by the 1941 classic animated film Dumbo and the 1950 film Cinderella.

Pre-orders for the Dumbo and Cinderella Movie Poster Funko Pops are available here from Entertainment Earth (with free US shipping on orders $39+ using the code provided at checkout) and here on Amazon. Funko also released an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Boxed Pop T-shirt, which you can also grab here at Entertainment Earth. Oswald was the precursor to Mickey Mouse and featured prominently in the first set of Disney 100 Funko Pop characters. Details on that wave are available below, along with the full list of Disney Pops launched at Funko Fair 2023,


Wave 2 of the Disney 100 Funko Pop lineup includes Funko Pop figures, Movie Moments and Pop Rides figures including Snow White, Elsa, Cinderella, Tiana, Mary Poppins, Walt Disney with Dumbo and more. An overview of the collection can be found below, along with links where they can be pre-ordered. Exclusive are marked.

Pre-orders for the common characters in the Disney100 lineup are also available for pre-order here on Amazon. You can follow all the Funko Pops released during Funko Fair 2023 through our main list here.


As noted, the first wave of Disney100 Funko Pops goes all the way back to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the first mascot created by Walt Disney and the prototype for Mickey Mouse. The Pops vintage character has a black and white deco and wave 1 includes Funko Pops, Pop Movie Posters, Movie Moments and SODA as standard. These figures include the following:

The Disney100 celebration continues in 2023 and you can expect more merchandise drop here at shopDisney. Of course there are also plenty of events at the parks and that is also possible keep following everything here.

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