Dudu Nobre condemns exposure of daughter after sexual abuse case: ‘Respect our pain’

“There were people who talked about matters that should remain confidential,” the singer complained in an official message

Play/Instagram/@dudunobresambaDudu Nobre spoke about the sexual abuse case involving his daughter Olivia Nobre

The singer Dudu Nobre on social media about the consequences of the sexual abuse from your daughter. The sambista felt that his family’s privacy was violated by the disclosure of information and interviews with those involved Olivia Nobel, 20 years old. “Yesterday, while my daughter was testifying, I was surprised by the news that there were people doing live interviews and talking about things that should be kept confidential. As a parent, it was the greatest sadness I’ve ever felt, not being able to protect her from such an invasion of privacy,” he said. “For the first time I am speaking out on a subject that should be private. I am on my family’s side for whatever they need and I don’t have to expose the extent of my pain here. That is why I come to ask you once again to respect our pain and especially her pain. Please don’t share anything that exposes her,” he asked. Second Adrian sweetsthe girl’s mother, the sexual abuse took place at a party in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in Rio de Janeiroover the weekend of 7. Soon after, Olivia received medical care and emotional support from her family.

Dudu Nobre

Dudu Nobre publishes opinion on social networks | (Reproduction/Instagram/@dudunobresamba)

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