Dudu Nobre and Adriana Bombom speak out after their daughter was sexually assaulted

Olívia Nobre, 20, was at a party in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro, when she was raped, the singer said.

Play/Instagram/lilynobreeDudu Nobre is Olivia’s father, the result of his relationship with Adriana Bombom

The singer Dudu noble and the actress Adrian sweets manifested after the daughter they have together, Olivia Nobel, denouncing that he was a victim of sexual abuse. In a note sent to Young pansaid the sambista that the case happened last Sunday the 8th at a party where the 20-year-old girl on the Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro. “She was the victim of abuse at the time, which is being investigated by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police. The investigation is confidential and I ask that you respect their privacy at this time.” THE Young panAdriana said she celebrated her 49th birthday last Saturday the 7th and that Olivia had dinner with her, relatives and some friends before being invited to the party where the sexual assault allegedly took place.

Like Dudu, the singer’s mother stressed that the case is being investigated by the police. The press office of the former “A Fazenda” contestant said she will not go into details about the case as it is secretly running from justice. The newspaper reports Additional, there were about 40 people in the house where the party took place. Some witnesses have already been heard by the police and on Monday, May 9, Olivia went to the IML with her parents, where she underwent a medical examination. In the statement, Dudu and Adriana’s daughter is said to have said that they put something in her drink and that she only remembers flashes of what happened.

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