Duda Reis talks about new jobs, love life and social media: ‘Today I’m more of a hermit’

Actress completed the shooting of the horror ‘Apanhador de Almas’ and is preparing to present ‘The Passion of the Christ’ in an open-air theater

Play/Instagram/dudareisbDuda Reis has plans to undertake and already has films planned to shoot in 2023

Experiencing a new professional and personal phase, the actress Duda trip finished filming the movie”soul catcher”, national horror that shines alongside names like Clara Castanho and Angela Dippe. “It was a unique experience. Horror film has a different energy, a denser energy, that you have to work with. Everyone is made of light and shadow and we really have these energies, we just have to look for them,” the actress said in an interview with Young pan. Directed by Fernando Alonso and Nelson Botter Jr., the film follows four girls who meet virtually in a witchcraft study group and decide to meet in real life to participate in a ritual at the house of a famous witch. However, this ritual gets out of hand and they are stuck in a kind of dimensional limbo. That’s when the Soul Catcher appears, a creature that represents a game where only one comes out alive.

“I’m a little scared and I was scared when I saw the actor dressed up as the creature, it was really scary. But otherwise it was a lot of fun, the cast is great and the atmosphere was very light, so it balanced a lot,” said the artist, who brings Olivia to life. “Whoever sees it from the outside thinks she has no depth, but throughout the movie you see she has some reactions that don’t come out of the blue, they exist in her for a reason. This character was a gift. One thing I’ve heard a lot from my co-stars on the taping is that Olivia is a breath of fresh air in the film and, really, she’s a dense character, but she also has some very pleasant nuances. The film will be released later this year, but the exact date has not yet been announced. “Audiences can expect an incredible story that holds up, with diversity in the characters and of course with a lot of scares, a lot of fear and a lot of gore,” Duda said with a laugh.

outside challenge

The 21-year-old actress is also preparing for another challenge: playing Herodíades in the show “A Paixão de Cristo”. The presentations will take place between 1 and 8 April in Recife, Pernambuco. The mega production will take place outdoors and this year will be all about Klebber Toledowhich Jesus shall be, and shall also have Luisa Tome like Mary, Eriberto Leao in the skin of Pilate, and Nelson Freitas Playing Herod. “There were hours of characterization, the place is very real, a different vibe. It feels like entering another universe when you arrive in New Jerusalem [teatro a céu aberto em que acontece a apresentação], is an experience that only those who experience it understand. It is the largest outdoor production in the world. We need to record and dub voices on time. The dimension of this is surreal, it is challenging, but special”, says the artist.

New love and more seclusion

Duda Reis and Eduardo Nunes

Duda Reis dating hairdresser and businessman Eduardo Nunes – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/dudareisb

Duda said he is full of projects this year and, without giving too much detail, added: “I have plans in terms of entrepreneurship. There is a new company that is very good, soon you will know what it is. I’m also going to commit myself to audiovisual, I’m going to shoot films that are already on the way”. In her personal life, the actress is also in a great moment. She is currently dating the hairdresser and businessman Edward Nunes and defined the relationship as absolutely different from them past love experiences. “What I say is what it really is, [agora] I have the love of my life, I have found the person I am going to marry, I have no doubt about that,” he said. Duda, who has already exposed her personal life to the extreme after her contradictory split with the singer Borel’s case, said that after everything he has been through in recent years, he handles social networks differently. “Today I am a much withdrawn person. The lesson I’ve learned from all this is that people will hear what they want regardless of the truth, so we shouldn’t please anyone but ourselves,” he concluded.

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