Drive Podcast Season 2 Episode 2 – listen online now!

Drive Podcast Season 2 Episode 2 - listen online now!

This week, Josh and Trent talk about getting some of your demerits back, or even avoiding them in the first place!

Trent and Josh unpack some big stories this week.

What impact will the upcoming NSW state elections have on the handling of minus points? Is EV price parity as far away as we think, or further? And what does that say about the future of affordable vehicles?

Consequence date host title
episode 1 01/19/23 Trento / James Interview with Kia’s ride and handling engineer
Consequence date host title
episode 1 08/24/22 Trento / Glenn Affordable electric vehicles
episode 2 08/30/22 Trento / James Get ready for fuel price pain
episode 3 06/09/22 Trento / Josh The auto scalpers are here
Episode 4 09/13/22 Jacob / Glenn Need a high-performance license?
episode 5 09/20/22 Trento / Susannah The Ferrari Purosangue is here
episode 6 09/27/22 Trento / Josh Some urgent questions about electric vehicles
episode 7 05/10/22 James/Susannah Is Geely putting together a team?
episode 8 11/10/22 Trento / Josh Sales surprise in September
episode 9 10/18/22 Trento / Glenn Australia’s best double cabin
episode 10 10/26/22 Jacob / Josch Toyota’s new Hilux
episode 11 01/11/22 Trento / Josh Go forward by looking back
episode 12 08/11/22 Jacob / Glenn Does the Suzuki Jimny have more than character?
episode 13 11/15/22 Trento / Josh Volvo’s shock EV announcement
episode 14 11/24/22 Trent / Clinton List of performance per dollar
episode 15 11/30/22 Trento / Rob Will electrical paraphernalia ever deliver what we want?
episode 16 06/12/22 Trento / James New battery for 1000km range on a single charge

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