Drew Barrymore reveals he was linked to the Goonies star as a teenager

During a participation in The Drew Barrymore Show, the actor Corey Feldman and her own Barrymore remembered the loving involvement they had when they were teenagers.

The two met when he was between 12 and 13 years old, and she was between 10 and 11.

The actress also said that the first meeting of the two only came about thanks to the finger of director Steven Spielberg, who is her godfather.

Barrymore made no secret of his excitement as he reminisced about the past with his friend and recalled, over a laugh, that they had a lot of fun at the time.

“We had fun, didn’t we? We got sober together and we also lost our sobriety together…” she said.

“We were literally kids,” Feldman said.

Charlene (Drew Barrymore) in Flames of Vengeance (playback)

How did the first real date go?

The one who gave more details about this part of the story was Corey Feldman herself.

“What happened was: I got a phone call. My grandmother said, “We got a call from Steven’s office [Spielberg]and the little girl from ET want to meet you because she has a huge crush on you,’” he said.

Barrymore did not hesitate to speak the truth:

“Oh yes, I had [um crush]… The greatest of them all. But everyone had it!” she joked.

Daniel Feldman then went on to talk about meeting the actress.

‘Of course neither of you were driving yet, I still lived with my grandparents and you lived with your mother. We were still a long way from getting our driver’s license. And it was really cute. I remember taking you to the movies, I remember exactly which room it was. We crossed the street, you held my hand and we crossed the street hand in hand. I don’t remember what the movie was, but I remember everything else,” he said.

Cory Feldman as Mouth in The Goonies (Reproduction)

The actors have maintained their friendship over the years.

After reminiscing about those special moments, the two took a moment to explain to the audience why Feldman was on the show: to celebrate their friendship.

Despite dating in the past, the two remain good friends.

They even attended the Academy Awards together in 1989 when Feldman was 17 and Barrymore was 14.

“I remember you were always so positive and the two of us were such good friends. It was the kind of relationship people called a friend’s relationship. We record it. You were very affectionate and a safe place for me,” she said.

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