DreamWorks Animation Releases New Theatrical Opener Featuring Redesigned Moon Child

The iconic moon child in DreamWorks Animation’s opening sequence gets a major upgrade, featuring many of the company’s signature characters. Where the moon child could only be seen on its own, the duo now meets characters from popular franchises like Trolls, How to train your dragon, Shrek, and more. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new DreamWorks Animation opener will premiere on November 26 special “Caturday” early screenings of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. This marks a new era for DreamWorks Animation and was spearheaded by production designer Kendal Cronkhite.

“We make dreams come alive on screen, so the idea was really that you step into the dreams of a new kid. They take you through this dreamscape and re-introduce you to these iconic characters that we’ve had over the years created.” Cronkhite shared THR. “The child surfs, floats and flies through these kinds of galaxies and brings all those very different-looking movie characters together into one whole.”

Naturally, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is a spin-off of the Shrek franchise, appearing in the new DreamWorks Animation opening. Producer Suzanne Buirgy compared Shrek to Disney’s Mickey Mouse, as the character has become a staple of DreamWorks.

Shrek it all started with really contemporary stories, a realistic look, contemporary jokes. It was not timeless. It wasn’t classic. It was very there and now. And using celebrity voices wasn’t really done in that frequency before DreamWorks came on the scene,” said DreamWorks Animation president Margie Cohn. “But what I like about Shrek is that it is disrespectful and spoke to the outsider. It became a symbol of what could be successful – that you don’t have to play by the rules. To me, that’s a great banner for the brand.”

The “moon boy” in the opening has been renamed “moon child”, removing “all sorts of gender-specific things”, so it’s now non-gender specific.

“We like the idea that we now have a moon child, not necessarily a moon boy, because we wanted that child to be attractive to everyone,” Buirgy said.

“At the studio, we like to say all dreamers are welcome here and if you think about who the iconic dreamer is, it’s that moon child,” Cohn added. “People wish for stars, people look to the skies for inspiration. Having them come off the moon and surf the skies, visit new and familiar friends, and you set the tone for the entertainment to come.”

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