Dragon Ball Super heralds Manga’s next arc

Dragon Ball Super’The manga’s long hiatus is coming to an end soon, and the manga has announced the big next arc it will take on to help celebrate! When the Granolah the Survivor arc ended earlier this summer, the manga took a long hiatus to properly prepare for the series’ next arc. Fans have been intensely theorizing over the past few months about what could possibly come next for the series, and now we finally got our first clue with the reveal of the series’ next major arc as the manga gears up to return with new chapters.

Following on from previous teases from earlier this year, noting we’d be seeing a new one Dragon Ball Super arc sometime this year, the series’ official website announced that the manga will return to the pages of Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine on December 21 in Japan (and likely December 20 for North America). It returns with a brand new arc called the “Super Hero” arc where Goten and Trunks star.

What comes in Dragon Ball Super’s Super Hero Arc?

The title of the arc, “Super Hero”, seems to fit the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super
Hero movie, but as of this writing it’s unclear as the official website for the series has only announced the name of the arc and revealed the first full image of Goten and Trunks in some new hero suits. However, they are the same age as in the recent movie, so at least the manga will age them more, so heading into the future of the series.

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Everything the website says about Dragon Ball Super’s new Super Hero arc is the mysterious tease: “The mischievous duo of the half-Saiyans become heroes who protect the peace of the city…?” But since it starts with chapter 88 of the series and the manga returns for new chapters later this year, we’ll be getting more of our answers soon! What do you hope to see in it Dragon Ball Super’s next arc? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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