Dragon Ball Super Cosplay gives Goku a rough makeover

When it comes to anime, there is no one more popular than Son Goku. Love him or hate him, the Saiyan is known all over the world and he is seen as an anime mascot at heart. Of course, this means the internet is filled with tributes to the man, and Super Saiyan Goku has been fueling fan art for decades. And thanks to one cosplayer, Goku is going viral on TikTok for all the right reasons.

As you can see below, the incomparable Taryn Cosplay gave Goku a chance on TikTok to show fans what the Saiyan can do. There they gave the hero a rough makeover, and honestly? We’re a little obsessed with looks.


ORA GOKU! ❤️🐉👊 #love #Dragon Ball #Goku #Dragon Ball Z #dragonballsuper #gokucosplay#孫悟空 #ドラゴンボール

♬ Majesty (instrumental mix) – Apashe

The cosplay is pretty simple with his stylized wig and orange costume, but Taryn makes it even better with some additions. From a hip flask to a sash and armrests, this cosplay gives Goku a solid makeover that feels grounded. So if they want to give Vegeta a chance, we’re sure the Saiyans would appreciate the help!

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If you don’t follow Taryn Cosplay, you find them here on TikTok. The professional cosplayer tackles everything from anime to games and more. And for those who haven’t caught up with Dragon Ball yet, the series just kicked off another arc in the manga. You can read Dragon Ball Super on the Shonen Jump app and the anime will be streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll as always.

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