Donny Cates leaves Marvel’s Hulk, artist Ryan Ottley takes over writing duties

Though he’s on the title for about a year at this point, superstar writer Donny Cates has left Marvel’s Hulk comic series with artist Ryan Ottley taking over in his absence. As noted by CBR, Ottley confirmed the news on Twitter earlier this week, revealing that despite Hulk #12 being solicited with Cates as the writer, he would be doing double duty for the “Hulk Planet” title. When asked by a fan if Cates was still writing the series and maybe taking a short break, Ottley replied, “No, he moved on to other things. I’ll be writing the rest of this arc. There’s always a chance that he comes back.” for later arcs, but I just don’t know. I miss his great scripts, luckily he has created such a solid foundation that the world is so great to keep creating in! “

To his credit, Cates also confirmed the news himself, writing on Twitter: “Hey guys. working with @CBCebulski @Wil_Moss and @Marvel in the background on something INSANE that…well you know it when you see it Love you guys! See you soon! #Excelsior” One can only assume that if Cates is already teasing a project where he’s working with the company’s editor-in-chief that it must be something big!

During his career at Marvel, Cates has worked on a number of notable Marvel characters, including Doctor Strange and Thanos, which led to his extensive work on Venom, making him a household name in comics circles. His time with Venom would eventually lead to the major crossover event King in Black, after which Cates took on two of Marvel’s other biggest hitters, Thor and Hulk. It looks like Cates is still writing the first of these two, his name still appears on the invites to the series, but since he has a tease for something “INSANE” he may very well have another major Marvel hero on his hands to get.

You can find the full cover and invite for Hulk #12 below.

HULK #12

(W/A/CA) Ryan Ottley
Bruce Banner has finally found paradise. Revered like a god and unafraid to hurt anyone around him, for the first time in a long, long time… things are looking good for the Hulk. But as with everything else, Bruce Banner should have known that he can never be at peace for long. And Titan, the darkest part of him, refuses to stay in a cage like an animal…
Rated T+
In stores: February 15, 2023
MSRP: $4.99

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