Don Mancini Was Previously “Forbidden” To Use Seed From Chucky Characters (Exclusive)

In the second season of Chucky the long-running horror series digs deep into franchise lore and brings some sleeping characters back into the limelight. To be fair, the franchise has already done this, bringing back the original Child’s play star Alex Vincent for 2014 Curse of Chucky2017’s Cult of Chucky, and the first season of the TV show. However, with season two of the series, creator Don Mancini is bringing back two previously controversial characters, the titular one Seed of Chucky, Glen and Glenda. Speaking to in an exclusive interview for the series, Mancini revealed that one of the reasons he didn’t return them sooner was that he was told not to.

“Initial Seed of Chuckywhen it came out in 2004, it didn’t do well,” Mancini revealed, referring to the box office disappointment and studio endorsements star Jennifer Tilly told us about before. “And so for a while in the franchise, when we did Curse of Chucky and Cult of ChuckyAlthough I wanted to allude to those characters, I was banned from doing so by the people we were working with at the time. I’m not trying to villain them at all. They were great, very supportive in making those movies. But I think they thought, ‘Okay, people didn’t like it’ Seed of Chucky, so we want to stay away from anything that reminds them of that.” I mean, I didn’t feel that way. I think that was their reasoning.”

Mancini confirmed that when they started making the TV series with UCP as their creative partners, attitudes changed, partly because the horror genre is no longer a “bastard stepchild”, but also because the executives Chucky fans who know the mythology.


“Fortunately, the world has evolved to be more welcome for this kind of material,” Mancini added. “So I knew that in addition, having eight hours of story at our disposal to tell was the perfect opportunity to go down these different avenues and explore these characters from the franchise’s past that people have come to grips with over the years. have wondered. And so here we do it now.”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star and non-binary actor Lachlan Watson was previously confirmed as a Chucky cast member, playing both Glen and Glenda in the series. As fans may remember, Seed of Chucky (arguably the most meta-chapter of the entire franchise) revealed that Glen not only harbored desires to commit acts of violence like their parents, but was also rejected by the thought. It eventually became clear that Glen shared a body with his twin sister Glenda, with the naming being a reference to Ed Woods cult classic.

In the context of the film, Tilly would later give birth to human twins, giving Glen and Glenda their own human bodies to inhabit. Now adults, the couple will return this Halloween season and reunite with their mother. New episodes of Chucky air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on SYFY and USA Network.

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