Do you want to buy shares of your favorite car brand? Start with this list

Do you want to buy shares of your favorite car brand?  Start with this list

Why buy a car when you can buy a car company – or at least a small part of it!

In Episode 7 of the Drive podcast, we talked about Geely’s purchase of a stake in Aston Martin and the listing of Porsche with an Initial Public Offering on the German Stock Exchange.

If you’re interested in a bit of automotive equity testing, here’s a list of all the major make tickers on exchanges around the world.

{ “colorTheme”: “light”, “dateRange”: “12M”, “showChart”: true, “locale”: “en”, “largeChartUrl”: “”, “isTransparent”: false, “showSymbolLogo”: true, “showFloatingTooltip”: false, “width”: “400”, “height”: “660”, “plotLineColorGrowing”: “rgba(41, 98, 255, 1)”, “plotLineColorFalling”: “rgba(41, 98, 255, 1)”, “gridLineColor”: “rgba(240, 243, 250, 0)”, “scaleFontColor”: “rgba(106, 109, 120, 1)”, “belowLineFillColorGrowing”: “rgba(41, 98 , 255, 0.12)”, “belowLineFillColorFalling”: “rgba(41, 98, 255, 0.12)”, “belowLineFillColorGrowingBottom”: “rgba(41, 98, 255, 0)”, “belowLineFillColorFallingBottom”: ” rgba(41, 98, 255, 0)”, “symbolActiveColor”: “rgba(41, 98, 255, 0.12)”, “tabs”: [
“title”: “Indices”,
“symbols”: [
“s”: “NYSE:F”,
“d”: “Ford”
“s”: “MIL:RACE”,
“d”: “Ferrari”
“s”: “NYSE:GM”,
“d”: “General Motors”
“d”: “Tesla”
“s”: “NYSE:TM”,
“d”: “Toyota”
“s”: “XETR:VOW3”,
“d”: “Volkswagen”
“s”: “XETR:MBG”,
“d”: “Mercedes-Benz”
“s”: “XETR:BMW”,
“d”: “BMW”
]”originalTitle”: “Indexes” } ]}

You can view some major stocks in the widget above, or click on the ticker for the company below to open one Yahoo Finance Link to current and historical stock prices.

company ticker company ticker
Aston-Martin A5SA.F Mazda 7261.T
bmw BMW.DE Mercedes Benz MBG.DE
BYD 002594.SZ Mitsubishi engines 7211.T
Ferrari RUN no NEVER
fisherman FSR Nissan 7201.T
ford f Polaris PII
Guangzhou Automobile Group 601238.SS North Star PSNY
Geely 0175.HK Porsche P911.DE
General Motors GM Renault RNO.PA
Great Wall engines 601633.SS Rivian RIVN
Honda HMC Stellantis NV STLA
Hyundai HYMTF Subaru FUJHY
isozu 7202.T Suzuki 7269.T
kia 000270.KS Tata Motors TTM
Lucid engines LCID Toyota Motor Corporation TM
Mahindra M&M.NS Volkswagen VOW3.DE
Maruti Suzuki India MARUTI.NS Volvo car VOLCAR B.ST

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