Do you think you had a bad day at work? A $400,000 Ferrari falls down an elevator shaft

Do you think you had a bad day at work?  A $400,000 Ferrari falls down an elevator shaft

You can’t park there, mate. An elevator malfunction at an exotic car dealership in the US has ended badly for a Ferrari Roma.

Ever accidentally deleted an important PowerPoint presentation or broken your boss’s favorite coffee mug?

Such a bad day pales in comparison to the experience of an exotic dealership crew who had to explain how a $400,000 Ferrari Roma sports car landed on the bottom of an elevator shaft.

The Palm Beach, Florida dealership uses the elevator to move cars to the upper floor of the showroom. However, according to pictures at the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Facebook On the other hand, the unfortunate Roma appears to have fallen through the upper gate and landed on the elevator car below.

Although the damage to the car is significant, no injuries were reported.

Rescue workers had to isolate a gas leak from the car before calling in a heavy-duty tow truck to extricate the stricken Ferrari.

Above: A Ferrari Roma in better condition than the car pictured in Florida…

As noted on the Facebook Post, (the tow truck) 45 foot (14 m) boom and multiple 50,000 pound (23 ton) winches were used in the salvage.

The Ferrari Roma is priced from $409,888 before options and road costs in Australia – before adding Argento Nürburgring (Silver) color and Rosso Ferrari (Red) interior trim from the options list.

It is powered by a 3.9-litre V8 twin-turbo engine with 456 kW and 760 Nm – the equivalent of more than four Toyota Corolla hybrid hatchbacks.

Add that to four hours of salvage work and a still-damaged elevator system, and you can rest assured that someone is going to be on the kitchen cleaning duty for a long, long time…

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