Disney+ revamps new superhero series Extraordinary ahead of season one premiere

Disney+ continues with a new season of Exceptional before the first even started. The news was reported by Deadline after the announcement was made last night at the show’s launch party in London. In the United States, the series is currently airing on Hulu. Disney VP of Scripted Content Johanna Deveraux expressed how pleased the company is with the Side Gentle production. In a bit of a twist, the description of the superhero story kind of reads like My Hero Academia as a 25-year-old woman struggles with being the only non-powered person in a world where everyone has a super ability. Sofia Oxenham gives a supernatural story a little something to hold onto as main character Jen’s best friend. She spoke with Wonderland magazine about her “big break” and looks like she’s happy with the ride for now.

“Thanks so much. Who knows? I feel like big breaks are kind of a myth and you don’t really know until years later if it was your big break,” Oxenham offered. “All I know is that I had a blast making this show, and it was so much fun from start to finish. I feel so lucky to have worked with such an incredible team and to inhabit the world that Emma Moran has made.”

BBC Studios is teaming up with Disney+ on Extraordinary

During the last BBC keynote address, BBC Studios announced a huge overall deal with Sid Gentle for more projects including producing Exceptional. It’s a big swing for the studio, as Getle has produced so many hits for them, including kill EveNeil Gaimans Likely stories and HBO Max’s upcoming Emma Moran comedy Rain dogs. Expect a lot more output from the production side for their home in the coming years.

“I am pleased to announce the complete acquisition of Sid Gentle Films. Led by Sally Woodward Gentle and Lee Morris, Sid Gentle is home to must-have recurring hits. Best known for BAFTA, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning kill Evethe future slate is just as exciting,” explained BBC Studios CEO Tom Fussell during the BBC Studios keynote address.

“We couldn’t be more excited to continue our journey with BBC Studios. They have been the most supportive, collaborative and creative partner. It’s an honor to work with Sid’s most amazing team and feel a shared ambition and vision with BBC Studios,” said Sid Gentle CEO Woodward Gentle.

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