Director Revolts Against Oscar Over Batman

Stephen Spielberg stated that the nomination process for the oscar should have been recycled long ago because of a specific injustice: the keeper.

The director spoke to the deadline on the 2023 Oscar nominations, and celebrated the nomination of Top gun: Maverick and Avatar: the way of the water the Best Movie. Spielberg is known for his large-scale action films, and he admitted that it’s very satisfying to see such films now given a chance.

Still, he claims that one of the Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan was especially wronged. According to the director, the first part of that trilogy would certainly have been appropriate if the rules of today had been used:

“That has encouraged me a lot. That was a decision that came late for a film that should have been nominated several years ago. Batman the dark knight by Christopher Nolan. [Esse filme] would definitely get a nomination these days.”

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in Batman: The Dark Knight (Disclosure/Warner Bros.)

“So having these two blockbusters with a solid presence in the Oscars top 10 should be something to celebrate for everyone.”

Steven Spielberg reveals he’s now interested in directing for TV

Despite being a recognized name on the big screen, Spielberg recently admitted that he’s also eager to gain space in streaming and TV productions. In a recent interview, the director praised the series Sea of ​​Easttowngives HBOand confessed that the attraction was something about his face:

“I have an appetite for long films and one day I will direct a long series. I mean, if someone had called me Sea of ​​EasttownI would have done. [risos] It was a beautifully directed story.”

Steven also shared that initially, his 2012 historical drama, lincoln, was initially planned as a series. Finally, after finding no investors in that format, he turned it into the movie that was eventually released:

“I was willing to do lincoln like a [série] six hours because I couldn’t get all the money together. Nobody believed. I walked through the city and everyone rejected me. “I was ready to make a deal with HBO to do it and expand it to six hours. The first draft of Tony Kushner it was 150 pages long so I had the material. I had the stuff. I don’t know if I could have convinced Daniel Day Lewis to serve six hours, but I was about to.”

Batman the dark knight is available at HBO max.

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