Did you spit in the face? Deborah accuses Deolane of aggression in ‘The Farm 14’; watch

Ex-Power Couple Asks For Lawyer’s Eviction After They Star In The Game In Another Fight

Play/PlayPlusDeolane Bezerra and Deborah Albuquerque starred in another fight in ‘A Fazenda 14’

Deborah Albuquerque accused Deolane Bezerra of aggression after an argument in “The farm 14”. The fight started because the lawyer took the pain of… Barreiros petal, who previously feuded with the ex-Power Couple. The influencer was in the room and saw pictures of the family when Deborah provoked a fight, Petal disappeared from the house and when she appeared she said she had rang the bell to give up the game, but apparently the production of the show convinced the pea to continue in the disagreement. Hearing the story, Deolane went to get satisfaction from Deborah. “What did you laugh at why Petal saw the pictures of her children?” asked the widow of … MC Kevin. “What are you coming to talk to me now?” replied the redhead, lying down and then getting up from the bed. The peonies started to fight. During the discussion, Deolane said that if she hadn’t been on the reality show, she would have already “broken” Deborah.

“What does Petal have to do with you?” Deborah asked at one point. “All of them! Because they are human beings and you are rubbish,” cried the lawyer. As the fight intensified, the PlayPlus camera was cut off. When things calmed down, the camera returned to the room where the peonies were. Deborah started asking for Deolane’s eviction because, according to her, the lawyer spat in her face and injured her leg: “You attacked me, I hope the program punishes you. Look at my thigh. Aggression and threat, eviction of Deolane. That can’t here, he spat in my face, look at my leg, it hurt all over.” Alex advised the ex-Power Couple to act for the production of the show. “I don’t want to do this with the show, with directing, I don’t want to do this with Dri [Adriane Galisteu], with all the structure this program has, but it’s an aggression. The woman pressed me against the wood with her body, took the bottle and threatened to hit me, spat me out. Can’t Brazil see?” Deborah shouted.

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