Did Eddie Redmayne want to be an actor against a filthy rich family?

Eddie Redmayne praised his parents’ upbringing and revealed that, even against the wishes of the family, he received support to pursue acting. The actor, who is the protagonist of the film based on real events, The night nursespoke to the deadline about your career path.

According to him, his parents were not the type to watch movies. Yet they gave him all the support when he decided to become an actor at a young age:

“I don’t come from a family of film obsessed people, and yet I showed an interest in theater and film from a very young age. And to my parents’ credit, whatever their children showed a passion for, they supported and encouraged.”

Eddie Redmayne as Charlie Cullen in The Night Nurse (Jojo Whilden/Netflix)

Eddie’s family, who are quite wealthy and have always worked in more ‘conventional’ professions. His grandfather was an engineer and his father was a businessman, yet they didn’t put much barriers in front of him. Instead, he shared, they made a deal to make sure he didn’t let go of his responsibilities:

“I was 9 or 10 and there was a production of Oliver with Jonathan Pryce in the West End, and I got the part in a competition with thousands of kids. They said: “Okay, as long as you keep doing well in school, you can do the play”.”

“Every day I left math class at about two in the afternoon and […] my colleagues asked: ‘Where are you going?’. “I’m going to the theater,” said the actor.

Parents should follow suit, says Eddie Redmayne

Inspired by a performance by A Midsummer Night’s DreamEddie said his desire to act was fueled and encouraged by his parents, which he says was an incredible move.

Rather than trying to force their son to be something that met their expectations, the Redmaynes respected Eddie’s dreams and did so without neglecting what they considered essential in his education.

The actor said he follows the same philosophy when raising his own children, saying more people should think this way and leave outdated ideas about parenting:

“As long as my grades were good, they supported me. And to me, that’s a great example of how to be a parent. Discovering that your child has a passion, and even if it’s something you know nothing about or scares you in some way, it’s a great thing to have the confidence to not only support but encourage .

The night nurse is available at Netflix.

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