Details About Triple H’s Talent Meeting Prior To WWE SmackDown Revealed

WWE SmackDown is just around the corner, but it’s understandable if that’s the last thing on most WWE fans’ minds with all the news over the past two weeks. That includes Vince McMahon’s return to the company and Stephanie McMahon’s firing and surgery, and one of the many questions that emerged from the shake-up involved Triple H’s continuation of WWE Creative. Conflicting selection released a report detailing a talent gathering Triple H held ahead of tonight’s show, and goes straight into his continuing role, McMahon’s return and more.

Today, Triple H led a meeting designed to address recent fears and doubts about the company and their creative future, and it appears the meeting was well received. Triple H said he has been assured Vince McMahon’s return is to see if the company needs to sell and to help determine who to sell the company to if they eventually go through with it.

Triple H also said that McMahon is currently deferring the final creative process to him and that nothing that happens to McMahon will change the creative process he already has or the team that currently runs it. He did say that anything can change, but that while he and McMahon have had discussions, Triple H makes the final call. WWE was also adamant in an official sense that Triple H is still creative.

Triple H thanked the talent for all they did and said he understood there was some concern. He also spoke of the Saudi deal as a “done deal” and said that even if it did, it would take much longer.

WWE received a shakeup when Stephanie McMahon resigned from her role as co-CEO, which was soon followed by the news that Vince had been unanimously elected WWE’s executive chairman. It was then announced that Nick Khan would be the only future CEO of the company. As for Vince, in his press release he said that despite his return, the current WWE management team would not be affected. At least for now, it seems that is the case.

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