Demerit points are to be wiped out sooner if the NSW opposition wins the upcoming state election

Demerit points are to be wiped out sooner if the NSW opposition wins the upcoming state election

The NSW state government’s overzealous and underhanded speed enforcement is once again under attack from the NSW opposition, who are promising to reward safe drivers and relax the draconian penalty point system if they win the upcoming state election.

Drivers who do the right thing for 12 months after being caught by speed cameras or during double error periods stand a better chance of wiping points from their driving license if the NSW opposition wins the upcoming state election.

The NSW opposition have already campaigned successfully to bring back sneaky speed camera warning signs.

The NSW opposition’s constant campaign has forced the NSW Government to reverse its draconian measures, which saw the number of fines for speeding under 10km/h increase by more than 10-fold, but with no measurable impact on road tolls.

NSW opposition leader Chris Minns has identified overzealous enforcement as an electoral problem – after tens of thousands of motorists across the electorate complained that the tough new measures are affecting their licenses and livelihoods – and has announced new policies to win voters and she has the support of road safety experts.

NSW opposition leader Chris Minns said under his proposal drivers who fail to pay a fine for 12 months would have a penalty point wiped from their license – rather than waiting three years for the full fine to expire.

“Today’s announcement of a trial aims to improve road safety to encourage drivers to do the right thing, rather than just penalizing drivers for doing the wrong thing,” Mr Minns told the media.

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury, who has investigated the proposal, said: “If you have had your license revoked then that does not apply to you. If you are caught driving under the influence, it does not apply to you.”

A leading road safety expert – who asked not to be named because he is involved in current state government projects – said drive:

“This proposal (from the NSW opposition) is sensible policy, giving people the opportunity to be extra careful on the road after being caught wrong.

“One year of safer driving is an achievable goal for most people and of course the hope is that they will drive safer in the years to come to get those points back before erasing them completely after three years.

“The system of double penalty points and draconian speed enforcement up to 10 km/h over the limit is costing people jobs, it is affecting livelihoods and the public is fed up because road tolls have not been reduced despite record fines. “

The current NSW government – which has imposed record fines during its tenure – has remained seemingly without a response to the proposal, with NSW Roads Minister Natalie Ward calling the dismissal a “work lollipop” and doing nothing to actually address the real problem. “

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