Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man Trailer With Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo Released

Marvel’s dark Spider-Man story is now on sale, and a new trailer for Deadly Neighborhood of Spider-Man contains music by one of the creators of the book: Taboo of the Blackeyed Peas. The five-edition limited series comes from writers Taboo and B. Earl, and artist Juan Ferreyra, and pits Peter Parker against the legendary X-Men villain known as the Demon Bear. Peter’s worst nightmares come to the surface in Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Manand the comic’s trailer features Taboo’s “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” an original song by the Grammy Award-winning member of the Black Eyed Peas.

Never-before-seen artwork for Deadly Neighborhood of Spider-Man gives a new look at the Demon Bear, as well as a listen to Taboo’s “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” written by Taboo, produced by DJ Artek (Edgar Sinio), and engineering by John Norten.

The miniseries definitely goes the horror route and showcases a less funny version of the web slingshot.

Black Eyed Peas Member Taboo Teases Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man

“It was an absolute ‘Fanboy’ dream come true for B. Earl and I to work with our amazing team of Juan Ferreyra and editors Devin Lewis, Thomas Groneman and Nick Lowe,” said Taboo. “As a Native/Mexican kid from East Los Angeles, I never dreamed I would create stories with Marvel Comics, let alone co-write and bring DEADLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN to my city of Pasadena, California!! Not only is this story an insane rollercoaster to read, it’s a tribute to the love B. Earl and I have for the horror movies of the 80s.”

“I remember the moment we got a call to write Spidey. I was sitting at the breakfast table reading emails and I saw one from CB [Cebulski]. Before I even read the email, my phone rang. Taboo was on the other line and all I heard was ‘Bro. SPIDER-MAN!'” B. Earl shared. “It’s not every day that you can fulfill your 11-year-old dream and play with Marvel’s biggest toy in the toy box. To say it’s an honor is an understatement. I will be eternally grateful to CB for his trust in us and the team of Nick, Devin and Tom who guided this journey. But as a writer, my purest joy is to give an artist the sandbox to play in and get really weird and wild. Juan has amazed us every time with his ability to not only take the story to the next level, but make it even more deadly than we could ever have imagined. I really hope the fans dig the crazy world we’ve created for Spidey, as it’s nothing he’s ever come across!”

“As for the inspiration for ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood,’ this is my way of saying thank you to all of our Spider-Man fans in the Marvel universe who read the comics, watched the movies, and now get to listen to a song that came from ultimate love and appreciation for anyone who will rock with DEADLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN. SKODEN!!!” Taboo said about the song that you can now hear in the trailer. “When making ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ I was inspired by songs like ‘A Nightmare on My Street’ by Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince and ‘Children’s Story’ by Slick Rick.”

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 is now on sale.

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