Dead Space Remake developer reveals how to unlock a new secret ending

The following Empty space remake will feature a new ending to the game. Empty space is one of the most loved horror games of all time. It took the foundation of other beloved horror games like Resident Evil and expanded it to do new things and make it stand on its own. While far from the first game set in space with creepy stuff, Empty space was one of the scariest sci-fi horror games to date and similar to that of Alien in terms of using space as a terrifying setting for a scary story. The upcoming remake aims to use all the things that made the first game so good, while also using modern technology to improve everything, add new content that was dropped from the original version, and much more.

Ultimately, it’s a true remake that intends to create an authentic experience that expands on the first game for fans and creates a big, high-quality modern horror game for newcomers. One of the big changes that EA Motive hasn’t promoted too hard is that there will apparently be a new secret ending for the game. The official Empty space Twitter account revealed that the game will have a New Game+ mode with new content and benefits. It includes a new advanced suit, a “phantom variant” of the necromorphs and of course a secret ending. Presumably this secret ending replaces the original ending in New Game+ or adds something like a post-credits scene. It is unclear what exactly this secret ending is. It could be something wacky or non-canonical, or it could tease something like a sequel (be it a new sequel or a remake of dead space 2who knows).

Either way, it’s great to see EA Motive giving people even more reason to keep playing the game. Once you’ve completed the main story, you’re encouraged to play it again via New Game+ and try out the new inclusions while working on a new ending. Only time will tell if this remake is any good, but if the attention to detail and care they take is any indicator, the odds seem good.

Empty space will be released on January 27 for Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC. Are you going to try to get the secret ending? Let me know in the comments or give me a call Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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