DC unveils variants for International Women’s Day

DC has become known for its fairly wide array of characters, many of whom have inspired the lives and hearts of many. In March, the publisher celebrates some of its most beloved female heroines – with some epic variant covers. On Thursday, DC unveiled the first official look on the covers of the International Women’s Day 2023, which will be published in March about some of his new comics. The covers feature a wide variety of beautiful images, from Ma Kent getting her own Super Family coat to a new collaboration between Wonder Woman, Yara Flo and Mary Marvel.

You can check out a full list of covers and release dates below:

  • ACTION COMICS #1053 by ELEONORA CARLINI on sale from March 28
  • WINGS #16 by LYNNE YOSHI on sale from March 14
  • CAT WOMAN #53 by QISTINA KHALIDAH on sale March 21
  • HARLEY QUINN #28 by CATHY KWAN on sale March 28
  • POISON IVY #10 by SKYLAR PATRIDGE on sale March 7
  • WILDC.ATs #5 by REBEKAH ISAACS and CARRIE STRACHAN on sale March 14
  • WONDER WOMAN #797 by JASMIN DARNELL on sale March 21

Especially Wonder Woman #797 will be part of the Revenge of the Gods storyline, the next chapter of the ongoing DC event Lazarus planet. Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods takes place immediately after the events of Lazarus planet. The gods of the Multiverse have decided to bring down the heroes they once called champions and the world they are sworn to protect. For years, the gods sat idle on their mountains as their legends faded into oblivion along with their bodies. This is their time to remind the selfish mortals of their existence and take back the world with something more powerful than faith…fear. Only brave heroes Wonder Woman and Shazam stand in their way, but will their combined powers be enough?

“I’m excited for readers to see what we’re cooking up — old favorite characters, new favorite characters, and team-ups you’ve never seen before are all coming your way,” Revenge of the Gods writer G. Willow Wilson said in a statement. “Diana will be tested in ways she’s never been tested before, finding new allies in unexpected places. There are some twists and revelations that I guarantee will make you jump out of your seat.”

Will you be picking up DC’s International Women’s Day variant covers? Keep scrolling to check them out and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Batgirls #16 by Lynne Yoshii

(Photo: DC)

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Catwoman #53 by Qistina Khalidah

(Photo: DC)

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Harley Quinn #28 by Cathy Kwan

(Photo: DC)

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Justice Society of America #3 by Maria Laura Sanapo and Laura Martin

(Photo: DC)

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Poison Ivy #10 by Skylar Patridge

(Photo: DC)

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WildC.ATS #5 by Rebekah Isaacs and Carrie Strachan

wildcat strikes-5.jpg
(Photo: DC)

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Wonder Woman #797 by Jasmin Darnell

(Photo: DC)


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