DC unveils new hero circuit breaker that is the anti-flash

DCs Lazarus planet event kicked off this week and threw a surprising group of superheroes and villains into a conflict that is transforming the DC Universe in some wild ways. In addition to numerous established characters and newer fan favorites like Red Canary and Monkey Prince, it looks like the event will now feature a brand new superhero. Earlier this month, maker A..L. Kaplan took to Twitter to reveal the first look at Circuit Breaker, a new hero set to debut Lazarus planet: dark destiny #1 on February 14. Circuit Breaker, also known as Jules Jourdain, is a transmasculine hero using s/he pronouns who is “blessed (or cursed?) with the dreaded Still Force”, the cosmic force seen as the polar opposite of the Speed Force. used by DC’s speedsters.

Created by Scott Snyder in the pages of Justice League in 2018, the Still Force is rooted in the idea of ​​entropy and inertia. It’s used by costumed characters like The Turtle and Steadfast, and has even been featured in recent seasons of The CW’s The flash television show.

What is DCs Lazarus planet?

This news comes just as DC is just getting started Lazarus planeta weekly event starting in January 2023. According to DC, Lazarus planet will be kickstarted by the events of Batman vs. Robin #4, which will hit comic stores in December. In the event that the Lazarus Volcano has erupted, spewing dangerous and transformative chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in chaos across the DC Universe! As these Lazarus clouds descend on the planet, humans all over the world begin to develop strange new abilities, watch their already extraordinary abilities change, and witness a slew of mayhem the likes of which the DCU has never experienced before!

The event will be hosted by Waid, and will include Riccardo Federici, Gene Luen Yang, Billy Tan, Nicole Maines, Skylar Patridge, Francis Manapul, Dan Watters, Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Josie Campbell. Full details and creative teams will be announced at a later date.

What do you think of the first look at DC’s Circuit Breaker? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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