DC Studios Movies and TV Shows Revealed, DCU Chapter One Breakdown

The ComicBook Nation Crew analyzes the first TV series and movie reveals from DC Studios and James Gunn, while also discussing comic book influences and where the DC Universe might be headed in Chapter One. The CBN BONUS ROUND includes a recap of WWE’s 2023 Royal Rumble, a review of the wrestling video game WWE 2K23 and NEW COMICS!

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What Movie and TV Shows Has DC Studios Unveiled?

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DC Studios announced 10 titles that make up Part I of DCU Chapter 1:

Superman: Legacy is dated July 11, 2025 and serves as the start for the new DCU; TV shows love the animation though Commands from creatures series or Peacemaker spin-off Waller could precede it. Release dates or windows for the other titles have not been revealed – although DC Studios expects to release two movies and two shows per year, not including Elseworlds titles like Todd Phillip’s joker movies or the mastermind of Matt Reeves The batter movie franchises. The current DCU slate is slated for eight to ten years and two full story chapters.

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