DC just brought back the daughter of a fan-favorite villain

The “Dawn of DC” initiative is now underway, creating a year-long story with a surprising crop of heroes and villains. In and in between that was the conclusion of some existing stories, including the critically acclaimed miniseries New champion of Shazam!. The four-issue miniseries follows the adventures of Mary Marvel who operates as the new Shazam! – and as the series’ final issue revealed, that included a fight with a known villain. Front spoilers New champion of Shazam! #4 by Josie Campbell, Doc Shaner and Becca Carey below! Watch only if you want to know!

As Mary investigates the series of disappearances in her hometown, including the missing foster parents, she eventually discovers that they are trapped in the basement of her community college. She discovers that the culprit behind the disappearances is her professor “Dr. G”, none other than Georgia Sivana. As Georgia explains to Mary, her father’s shortcomings motivated her to combine magic and technology and create a powerful battery called The Circle of Endings.

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Who is Georgia Sivana of DC?

Created by Bill Parker and CC Beck in 1945 Mary Marvel #1, Georgia was originally created as the precocious, genius daughter of Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. Armed with a genius intellect and the ability to mimic everyone’s voice, Georgia gets into schemes with her twin brother, Thaddeus Jr., much to the chagrin of the Shazam! family.

In a 2015 spin-off of Multiversity, Georgia and the rest of her family gained transforming superhero abilities like the Shazam! family, but were thwarted when they said their own surname “Sivana”.

Will dr. Shivana come back Shazam! 2?

Georgia’s return to the comics comes just a few months before the launch of Shazam! Anger of the godsthe 2019 big screen sequel Shazam!. After Mark Strong played Thaddeus Sivana in that first movie and teamed up with the hyper-intelligent caterpillar Mr. Mind in the post-credits scene, there was a question as to whether or not he could have a role in the sequel.

“You’re not going to see me in the sequel,” Strong said ComicBook. com in 2021. “Finally I get to say it. I’ve had to bite my tongue for so long, but I think they’re about to start filming in Atlanta and I’m very happy to give in to Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu who I think are going to make some great villains I mean judging by Emma Thompson and Emma Stone’s performances in Cruella, it’s time for the female villains, I think. Well, you know, maybe he’s not done with Mr. Mind yet and we’ll come back later, who knows.’

What do you think about DC Georgia bringing back Sivana? New champion of Shazam!? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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