DC Comics x Reebok Good vs Evil Superhero shoe collection comes out December 2

Warner Bros. and Reebok have teamed up to deliver a footwear and apparel collection that invites DC fans of all ages to choose sides between good and evil. Sneakers in the collection are inspired by Superman (Shaq Attaq), Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, The Joker and Harley Quinn. As you’ll see, Reebok has done a great job of capturing the essence of these characters with the designs. Details on the DC x Reebok collection are below, including links to stores where you can pick them up on December 2.

The Superman silhouette is the collection’s crown jewel with a design based on a re-edited version of Shaq’s first signature shoe (Shaq Attaq) from his 1992 rookie season (including the iconic Pump technology). It costs a whopping $180, but it’s also likely to be the first shoe in the collection to sell out. The rest of the collection costs $110-$150, and includes Batman on the LX2200 running shoe, The Joker on the tennis-style Club C 85, Wonder Woman on the Nano X2 training shoe, Harley Quinn on the retro-style Freestyle Hi, and Lex Luthor on the classic Workout Plus.

Aside from the aforementioned Superman Shaq Attaq details, some of the design highlights of the DC x Reebok Collection include glow-in-the-dark kryptonite style on the Lex Luthor Workout Plus, molded armor elements for the Batman LX2200, a hidden, removable joker on the tongue of the Club C 85, reflective elements on the Wonder Woman Nano X2 and a Harley Quinn design that couldn’t be more Harley Quinn.

You can take a closer look at each of the sneakers in the lineup below. They will join a line of unisex clothing, including graphic t-shirts and hoodies. Reebok notes that “each piece features iconic logos from the world of DC, emphasizing the good versus evil theme that runs throughout the collection.” If you see something you like, you can receive your order on December 2nd. It’s expected to launch in the early morning EST – most likely at noon for some (or all) of the following retailers:

Shaq Attaq Superman

(Photo: NUREG GmbH)

Shaq Attaq (HQ4587, $180) – One of the greatest superheroes of all time takes over Reebok’s larger-than-life sneaker, the Shaq Attaq. Inspired by the Man of Steel himself, this version of the shoe pays homage to some of Superman’s most crucial superpowers from the translucent hardware on the shoe referencing his x-ray vision to the ice outsole indicating his cold breath. Available in unisex sizes from 5.5 – 13. There is also a Classic Leather inspired by Superman available in children’s sizes.

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Batman LX2200

(Photo: NUREG GmbH)

LX2200 (HQ4584, $110) – The reflective Bat decal on the tongue of this LX2200 immediately betrays the Batman inspiration of this refreshed Reebok OG running silhouette. The sneaker embodies Batman’s impressive batsuit through several details, including the foam molded plastic and debossing on the upper that represent the batsuit’s molded and weathered armor respectively. Available in unisex sizes from 2.5 – 12.

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Joker club C 85

(Photo: NUREG GmbH)

Club C 85 (HQ4573, $110) – The Joker brings mayhem to the Club C 85 from the inside of the shoe covered in graphics referencing his deafening laugh to the rip-away pieces of fabric on the upper that show off the many cunning layers his personality. To further enable the wearer to illustrate The Joker’s personality, the tongue features a hidden joker that can be removed and used as a calling card. Available in unisex sizes from 2.5 – 12.

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Wonder Woman Nano X2

(Photo: Alex M / Photo 12)

Nano X2 (HQ4585, $150) – Wonder Woman’s impressive armor dictates the design of this version of Reebok’s most versatile training shoe yet, the Nano X2. The uppers of the shoes contain a reflective light that creates a similar effect to Wonder Woman’s deflecting bracelets and the rest of her suit’s legendary construction is featured on various leather and metal accents. The wearer is gifted with an extra set of reflective laces that feature Wonder Woman’s signature lasso of truth. Available in unisex sizes 4 – 13.

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Harley Quinn Freestyle Hello

(Photo: Alex M / Photo 12)

Freestyle Hi (HQ4572, $100) – The formidable Harley Quinn inspired one of Reebok’s most iconic female silhouettes, the Freestyle Hi. The upper features graphics that reference a range of her accessories, from her legendary hammer to her roller skates. The bleed from the heel to the white upper is a deep blue, very similar to the design of her favorite shirt. Available in women’s sizes 2.5 – 8.5.

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Lex Luthor training plus

(Photo: Alex M / Photo 12)

Workout Plus (HQ4575, $100) – This glow-in-the-dark version of the Workout Plus brings Lex Luthor’s toxic kryptonite suit to sneakers. From the glowing outsole to the cracked, glow-in-the-dark edges on the upper, the shoe makes the wearer feel invincible. The silhouette is finished with a ring lace dubrae that mimics Lex’s powerful green kryptonite ring. Available in unisex sizes 2 – 14.


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