Darkwing Duck #1 review: The Dark Duck returns

Dark wing duck first got its start as part of The Disney Afternoon, a series of television shows that included Gargoyles, Goof Troop, Tale Spin, and countless others over the years. The final episode of the original animated series premiered in 1992, meaning it’s been more than thirty years since “Terror That Flaps In The Night” hit the small screen, with comic books de facto the place to be for St. Canard and to revisit its surroundings. Residents. Fortunately, Dynamite’s new series feels like an episode straight out of the original, which can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage.

The first issue drops readers into Darkwing, honoring him for saving his city and many citizens more than a few times in the past, with the nefarious Megavolt making a comeback with his sights set on the caped crusader. Darkwing Duck’s mild-mannered alter ego, Drake Mallard isn’t the only character returning here, as the Disney superhero is joined by partner Launchpad, adopted daughter Gosalyn, and neighbors Honker and Herb Muddlefoot to name a few.

Dynamite’s new series doesn’t hold readers’ hands in terms of framing the world, expecting bystanders to get to grips with the program in quick succession. While the series gives us some flashbacks to previous adventures, the first issue certainly assumes that you would have a basic understanding of who Darkwing, his supporting characters, and his enemies are. As mentioned before, this feels like an episode of the original series, which many will see as a strength, and honestly that’s certainly a strong start, but this is also an example of “what you see is what you get” in that meaning that you can expect nothing more from the debut song.

Writer Amanda Deibert clearly has extensive knowledge of the original series, and one of the tasks she’s able to perform seamlessly is not only bringing this new series back to the spirit of the original, but also modernizing it in a number of ways. Cell phones, “Duck Tok” and Gosalyn with a look quite familiar to Billie Eilish are all great examples of how the series is able to bring a modern flair to the new outing while keeping the spirit of the original . In the art department, Carlo Lauro excels here, once again making readers feel like they’re looking at animated cels from the original series. The line work and colors jump off the page and stand up to any previous comic book art Darkwing had brought to life through magazines.

Of course, this isn’t Darkwing Duck’s first foray into the comics world, with Boom Studios previously giving readers an eighteen-issue run that not only accomplished what Deibert and Lauro accomplished, but also told dynamic stories that introduced some long-running storylines. about the comic strip. The latest iteration feels like it’s been ripped straight from the animated series, but it doesn’t involve risky swings or attempts to add to the characters’ lore that make it seem just a little too safe for its own good. .

Dynamite Dark wing duck will be a welcome return to the character for readers looking to return to the Disney Afternoon favorite, with the creative team clearly having a deep understanding of what made the Disney animated series a classic, but for those looking for an expansion in terms of the universe and character building, the new series may not be enough for you. Still, recreating the feel and aesthetic of the television series is no easy task and both Deibert and Lauro are up to the task in spades. If you want what is basically a brand new episode of Dark wing duckwarts and all, this is the comic for you.

Published by Dynamite Entertainment

on January 25, 2023

Written by Amanda Deibert

Art by Carlo Laura

Color through Carlo Laura

Letters through Jeff Eckleberry

Cover through David Nakayama

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