Darkest Dungeon 2 release date announced

After entering early access all the way back in 2021, Darkest dungeon 2 finally has an official release date for 1.0. Instead of releasing a full sequel to 2016 Darkest dungeon at the same time, developer Red Hook Studios has been slowly building what would become over the past few years DD2. And while some fans have postponed checking out Darkest dungeon 2 in the early access form it is now known that they will not have to wait much longer to play the full version of the game.

Revealed today in a new blog post on the official Darkest Dungeon website, Red Hook Studios confirmed that the sequel will reach its 1.0 stage on May 8. At this time, the game remains for sale on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Formerly the original Darkest dungeon eventually came to consoles, so it seems likely that this sequel could appear on new platforms in the future. For now, however, no such plans have been announced by Red Hook Studios.

Prior to its release in May 2023, Darkest dungeon 2 It has been confirmed to be getting a handful of new updates. Red Hook hasn’t said what these new patches will bring to the game, but the next “major” update is said to be arriving “very soon”.

If you want to know more about Darkest dungeon 2you can check out the official description of the game below.

Darkest dungeon 2 is a roguelike road trip of the damned. Form a party, equip your stagecoach and set off across the decayed landscape on a final quest to avert the apocalypse. However, the greatest dangers you face may come from within…

  • Gather all your courage and ride into the chaos of an undone world: Four heroes and a stagecoach are all that stands between darkness and redemption.
  • Proven Turn-Based Combat, Improved: The groundbreaking genre-defining battle of Darkest dungeon returns, but everything from stats to rules has been refined and improved. The all-new token system helps make your decisions impactful while adding even more depth to the game.
  • Unforgettable Heroes: Discover and experience the tragic origin stories of each hero. Unlock their full potential through new skills, paths, items and more.”

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