Creators of ‘1899’, Netflix series, become Brazilian after accusation of plagiarism

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese expressed their outrage and said they had never seen Mary Cagnin’s work

Disclosure/NetflixThe creators of ‘1899’ said they were not familiar with the Brazilian graphic novel

The creators of the series “1899🇧🇷 baran bodar and Johnny Friesdecided to take a stand after Brazilian cartoonist Mary Cagnin stated on social media that the recently launched production by Netflix it is a copy of the comic book “Black Silence”, which she released in 2016. “I cried a lot. My dream has always been to be nationally and internationally recognized for my work. And to see something like this happen really breaks my heart,” said the Brazilian, who believes that the creators of “1899” had access to her work because by participating in the Gothenburg Book Fair, in Sweden, she distributed her work to various publishers. from different parts of the world. The topic dominated social media and both Jantje and Baran denied plagiarism. “I haven’t posted in years because I honestly think social media has become toxic. The past 24 hours have proven that once again. To put it in context, a Brazilian artist claimed that we stole from her graphic novel,” explains the series co-creator.

“To be clear: we don’t steal! Until yesterday we didn’t even know about its existence comic strip🇧🇷 For two years we put pain, sweat and exhaustion into the creation of ‘1899’. This is an original idea and not based on any source material. However, we were bombarded with messages – some ugly and hurtful. Someone shouts wolf and everyone jumps at him, not even checking if the statements are correct. This must of course be a set-up to sell more of your graphic novel: good move,” concludes Jantje in an Instagram post. Baran also manifested itself through social networks: “We don’t know the artist, her work or the comic. We would never steal from other artists because we feel like artists. We have also contacted her so hopefully she will drop these accusations. The internet has become a strange place. Please more love instead of hate.”

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