Confess, Fletch director working on Fletch’s Fortune screenplay

When Brooks, Fletch hit theaters last year, it didn’t exactly blow the roof off the box office. Made for around $20 million, the film made less than $1 million at the box office amid a daily release on digital platforms and a rapid turnaround to Showtime and Paramount+. Still, it received rave reviews, and fans of Gregory McDonald’s caustic investigative reporter have harbored hopes that it performed well enough on home video platforms to merit a sequel. While the jury may still be out on that one, director Greg Mottolla is not waiting for a verdict. He has already started working Fletch’s fortunean adaptation of another Fletch book.

In September the message came out that there would be a sequel Brooks, Fletch – starring Jon Hamm – was in the early stages of development. What it would be based on Fletch’s fortune was no secret, as Mottola himself has expressed a desire to adapt that book. Brooks, Fletch was a passion project for Mottola and Hamm, the latter of whom reportedly returned part of his salary to help pay for the film.

“[Producer] Bill Block… he’s been very loyal to this. He hired me to write a sequel. Will it ever be made? I’m not sure,” Mottola recently told Uproxx, adding that Block had hired him for “Fletch’s fortune. And Fletch’s fortune everything takes place at a journalistic conference, so I have a lot of ideas on how to bring that into all the insane worlds of today.”

You can see the message below.

Fletch’s fortune is the third Fletch novel by author Gregory McDonald, and the second Miramax has the rights to. Due to an unusual situation with the rights, the original Fletch film is not included in the package purchased by Miramax. Mottola didn’t say why, but presumably those rights still belong to Universal, who made a movie based on the original Fletch in 1985. Miramax also does not own the rights to the Flynn spinoff series, which is why his character had to be replaced Brooks, Fletch.

It seems reasonable to assume that there are a total of six books that Mottola and Hamm could adapt, assuming the franchise progresses and interest continues. Without Fletchthat leaves ten books in the main line Fletch series, but four of them are unlikely candidates for adaptation: Fletch won and Fletch too are prequels, set before the events of the first book. While Fletch won was central to two different attempts to adapt the property in the past (one by Kevin Smith, who would have played Jason Lee as Fletch; and one by Bill Lawrence, who would have played Zach Braff). Son of Fletch and Fletch reflected only play Fletch in a small supporting role and introduce a new main character in the form of Jack Fletcher Faoni, Fletch’s son.

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