Composer who helped Shakira talks about music cuts with hints at Piqué

Katyn said the song was “more aggressive” and they had to cut some parts of the lyrics; knowing more

Play/Instagram/shakiraShakira released music hinting at Piqué in collaboration with DJ Bizarrap

The new number of Shakira in collaboration with the Argentinian DJ bizarre, Bzrp Music Sessions #53, has been the talk of the town since its launch. That’s because the lyrics of the song were quickly taken as hinting at the former footballer Gerard Pique, with whom the Colombian had a relationship for 12 years. The reason for the divorce is alleged betrayal by the athlete, who is currently dating PR student Clara Chia Marti. Shakira received help from the composer katyn to write the song that went viral. In an interview with Mollusco TV, he said the idea of ​​the lyrics was all the singer’s and he just helped the artist with the rhymes. In a snippet of the song, she says, “I don’t want to have another disappointment. You show yourself like a champion and when I needed you the most, you showed your worst version. Elsewhere, the singer declares, “It’s been a while since I should have gotten rid of that sucker.” There are also provocations to Piqué’s current girlfriend in excerpts such as: “I wish you well with my supposed replacement”.

The Colombian said that after receiving an invitation to help with the composition, he traveled to Spain to meet the singer. “We stayed at Shakira’s house for three days. I left Barcelona and we still hadn’t finished the song. I think we called each other daily for another two weeks,” he said. The text was cut several times during the creation process, as it was “more aggressive” according to the composer. “I don’t know if they were stronger [as partes que tiramos da música], but they were less concrete than the ones out there,” Katyn noted, refusing to go into detail about what they wanted to leave out of the song. However, he explained that they edited the song as a precaution as they didn’t know what could happen if Shakira revealed everything she wanted. According to Katyn, they were very careful not to turn hints into aggression.

As speculated by the international press, the cut parts of the song would be related to an alleged problem Piqué had in bed due to stress, debts he allegedly failed to pay and an STD he allegedly contracted after a relationship with a lover. Katyn also defended Shakira from criticism for exposing her ex in song: “Everyone suffers and overcomes the grudge as they please, she’s an artist, don’t let her make lemonade, if she wants to escape that way, let her do it , I totally agree with her, she makes music, she doesn’t do anything I don’t know how to do”. With the major consequences of Bzrp Music Sessions #53, Piqué made some provocations against his ex-wife. For example, the Kings League, a football championship created by the former player, signed with the watch brand Casio after the singer said in the song that he had traded in “a Rolex for a Casio”. He also appeared driving a Renault Twingo, after Shakira included a snippet in the song that says “He traded a Ferrari for a Twingo”.

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