’s 2022 Table Game Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to shop for gifts for loved ones. If you have a friend or family member who enjoys board games, you may struggle with what the “hot” games are for a family member. Hundreds of different board games are released every year, ranging from new versions of popular games, games based on fan favorite movies or franchises, or totally unique games that focus on deep strategy. To help you figure out what to buy this holiday season, we’ve put together some great recently released games that should be a big hit with your loved one. If you are looking for gift ideas for a Dungeons and Dragons fan (or anyone who enjoys tabletop RPGs), we have a separate gift guide available for you to browse.

Dark Souls: Tomb of Giants

While one Elder ring board game will not be released until next year at the earliest, Steamforged Games has recently expanded its popularity Dark souls game. The Tomb of Giants Core Game is intended to be a standalone starting point for the game, which can also be expanded with some of the many other Dark souls expansions released by Steamforged over the years. If you know someone who likes the Soulslike series of games, this might be the set for them.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $109.95

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(Photo: Oni Games)

birdwatcher is a unique game that follows in the growing genre of ‘bird games’ or games about birds. In this game, players try to attract birds to their tree, successfully take a picture of that bird, and then get their pictures published. The artwork within birdwatcher was created by Lauren Helton, a biologist and scientific illustrator, meaning this game is perfect for bird lovers. If you know someone who likes birds or likes unique strategy games, birdwatcher maybe the perfect gift.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $40

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Northgard: Unknown Lands


Northgard: Unknown Lands is a fun game in which players control a Viking clan looking to explore and expand their possessions. The game combines settlement building with territory control, combat, and deck building, but in a surprisingly streamlined way. Players score points in different ways, so a key to the game is deciding on a style of play and then figuring out how to adapt when their opponents make their move. This is a great strategy game with multiple expansions that is perfect for Vikings fans or games that offer a little bit of everything.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $89.99

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Great Darkness 2


Great Darkness 2 is a dungeon crawler game where players work together to defeat waves of enemies while completing certain objectives. The game is unique for a number of reasons: each player character has their own set of skills and mechanics, meaning players have to learn different nuances and how to best use their characters. The game also comes with a ton of different expansions, which add new monsters and heroes to the battle. Great Darkness 2 also comes with a ton of different miniatures, all of which are detailed and eager to be painted.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $99.99

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Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nublar

(Photo: Funko Games)

Legacy games are a unique type of board game in which the gameplay shifts and changes from session to session depending on the choices made by players. In Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nublar, players will relive the Jurassic Park movie series, building Isla Nublar by researching different types of dinosaurs and choosing where to place the dinosaurs. The game comes with 12 types of dinosaurs, many of which are hidden behind “mystery boxes” that players unlock over the course of the game. If you know someone who likes that Jurassic Park, this is the game to get.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $120

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Star Wars villain

(Photo: Ravensburger)

The mean line of games is a great “gateway” franchise, in that it introduces more casual players to more complex types of games. Earlier this year, Ravensburger expanded their Villainous line with the first Star Wars-themed game. The asymmetrical game puts players in charge of another villain, competing to complete a specific set of objectives before their opponents. Each character has vastly different playstyles, adding a lot of replayability as players have to get to know their character right away. Star Wars villain is a standalone game that is not compatible with others mean spell. However, Ravensburger will almost certainly release more expansions for Star Wars villain in the future.

Where to To buy: Amazon

Price: $39.99

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Flames is one of the best board games of the year, a unique “dragon placement” game with fantastic artwork. Players collect dragons and place them in shops, while enchanting those shops to help them craft different types of items. Each type of dragon has its own specialty, so players must choose the right combination of dragons, enchantments, and components to get the most out of each shop. This is a game for those who like engine building strategy and whimsy.

Where to buy: Amazon

Price: $49.99


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